Excellent Bookkeeping

Duwett is your reliable partner for accounting and bookkeeping services. We help international self employed professionals, expats and small business owners with their tax returns, bookkeeping and administration. For more information contact us by phone or email. We gladly come to your house or office for a free introduction conversation.

Tax returns and administration

At Duwett we understand the importance of excellent bookkeeping. Getting your books right is essential for the succes of your business. We can take on the work of processing receipts, invoicing and wage administration, so you can focus on the things that you do best. With over thirty years of experience with individuals, freelancers, start-up's and small and medium sized businesses, we can help you with a smarter, more efficient administration. Whether you like to outsource your entire administration or just need advice on tax returns, we are happy to be of service!


Better things to do with your time than to process receipts in your administration? Leave your administration over to us, so you can focus on your business!

Taxes and tax return

Need help with your income tax return or corporate taxes? We provide support for individuals, freelancers and companies for all tax related matters.

Bookkeeping advice

Smart bookkeeping can save you money on taxes. Contact us for a consultation on how we can optimize your tax return and bookkeeping.

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Want to know what we can do for you? Join us for a cup of coffee! Contact us for an appointment for a free consultation at your location. We look forward to exchanging ideas about your bookkeeping requirements and will make you a quote without obligation specified to your needs.